Generating geopolitical scenarios with security analysts in Geneva

Generating geopolitical scenarios with security analysts in Geneva


Are you responsible for developing the strategy that will lead your organization to success in the years to come? A scenario generation workshop can give you and your management team valuable insights into the potential changes ahead.

In a burst of energy—these workshops are high-energy events!—you will find your eyes opened to different, yet entirely plausible, business landscapes that could emerge and form your future business environment, each one presenting its own set of positives and negatives. 

There’s another benefit, too: A scenario generation workshop is the ultimate team-building exercise. It gets you and your colleagues working together, using your imagination, and sharpening your strategic thinking to take a far-sighted view of the organization and its evolving business environment.

And because my workshops call for energy and creativity, the process is actually a lot of fun. But here's the biggest plus: Unlike many team-building exercises, this one’s of real strategic value.

In short: A scenario generation workshop—always tailored to look at the future through the eyes of your organization—improves everyone's ability to

  • grasp the big picture

  • see how several different factors could have an impact on your future success

  • think creatively and even unconventionally, and

  • make a strategic contribution to the way you prepare yourself for the future.

Our lives are defined by opportunities, even the ones we miss.
— F. Scott Fitzgerald