Online learning: the wave of the future!

Online learning: the wave of the future!

Teach yourself to be a scenario planner

I have developed two e-courses especially designed to teach you the ins and outs of scenario planning:

A “crash course” in 2 hours

The first is an intensive “crash course” consisting of 6 videos, lasting a bit under 2 hours in total. It walks you through the core of the scenario generation process, focusing on teaching you:

  • how to identify the critical uncertainties that will shape the future of your business or industry —or of an entire country

  • how to generate a portfolio of contrasting but plausible future "landscapes" that your organization could find itself in a few years down the road

  • how to develop strategic initiatives that would make sense in each potential future

This course was designed with the needs of two groups in mind: students of business or economics, and anyone with responsibility for the future success of an organization of any kind.

For more information, or to register, click this link.

In-depth course for hotel industry strategists

The second e-course is a comprehensive program focused specifically on the global hotel industry. Consisting of 17 modules (about 7 hours), it goes into considerable depth to explain how to generate detailed future scenarios for:

  • a hotel company or brand

  • a specific segment of the hotel market

  • a specific development project or acquisition, or

  • a geographic market such as a country, region or even an individual city

From the point of view of a growing hotel company, all of these are potentially relevant future landscapes to try and understand. The course covers the analysis of these scenarios, and possible strategic responses to them, in detail.

Not in the hospitality business? Stay tuned! My plan is to roll out similar online courses focused on other industries.

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