Delivering a conference keynote in Amsterdam

Delivering a conference keynote in Amsterdam

provocative ideas presented in person

In addition to designing and conducting interactive workshops, I'm also happy to simply come talk to you about future foresight.  These presentations can be adapted to any kind of gathering, from a large international conference to a small departmental meeting, sitting around a table in your offices.

But no matter how big the audience, when I brief a gathering on scenario thinking, my goal is to demonstrate why it's important to visualize your future not as if there is only one way things can turn out, but as a set of alternative, even contrasting, scenarios each have a plausible chance of materializing. It’s not pie in the sky! It is about foreseeing realistic change.

Then, critically: I show you how it’s done.  I’ll walk you through the scenario-building methodology step by step, illustrating each part of the process with actual examples from work I’ve done for organizations all over the world. We won’t actually build scenarios specifically for your company—we can do that in a workshop later, if you’re so inclined—but you will see how the process works, grasp what it can deliver, and be able to decide if it’s something you and your team want to devote some time to. I think the answer will be yes!

What’s in it for you?

  • Scenario planning is a different way to think about the future, so my presentation will open your eyes to a new approach to visualizing how your world might change.

  • You will clearly see that in a few years’ time, you could find yourself competing in any of several, very different future landscapes—and you’ll understand that instead of putting all your eggs in one basket, it is vital to your future success that you be prepared for alternative futures to unfold.

  • You and your team will have a stimulating session, as I present these ideas in a thought-provoking, persuasive, and entertaining way.